Last night I went to the single launch of ‘Paper Cut’, by Butternut Sweetheart, at the Golden Age Cinema in Surry Hills.

Butternut Sweetheart is the latest of musical moniker from my mate Luke Moseley. Luke is an incredible producer, singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been around the Sydney music scene for years.

What I love about Luke is he has this uncanny ability to take existing musical genres, forms and instruments and re-imagine, reinterpret and fashion all the elements into his own beautiful songs, which quickly cause involuntary musical imagery.

I reckon Luke is a “musician’s musician”, in the same way people talk about “a rapper’s rapper”. What I mean by that is, whether or not the general listening audience realise his skill as an artist and songwriter, other musician see it, get it and love what he does! The proof is there in the fact that Dean Hanson, from Ball Park Music said of Luke, “I’ll try not to gush too much… it’s right up my alley, dreamy melodic pop with a twist”.

What’s more is that Luke is supporting Ball Park music on their latest Australian tour!

So if you dig ‘driving rhythmic complexities of the drums contrasted with heavily delayed gentle vocal melodies’ get some Butternut Sweetheart into your ears!









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