I love shooting at night, the way that you can utilise light in ways that you can’t in broad daylight. Whatever your choice of light source, be it ciggie lighter, torch, phone, vehicle lights, an angle grinder or steel wool, all of these are your tools to create light painting and insane night photography and long exposures!

All these photos have been created while out shooting with other photographers, which for a hyper-extrovert like me, is the most exciting way to create photos. What’s more is that every slight variation in technique, shutter speed, exposure time, source of light, direction of light, intensity of light etc, gives you a completely different looking photo!

There’re heaps of websites that tell you how to shoot long exposures of steel wool, but my best tip would be to make sure you ‘fluff up’ the steel wool up as much as possible. This way you’re going to get the best sparks flying off, giving you the best flaming steaks!

‘We must expect great innovations to transform the entire technique of the arts, thereby affecting artistic invention itself and perhaps even bringing about an amazing change in our very notion of art.’ – Paul Valery



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